The development of a horse truck begins with your needs in terms of design and equipment. The Profiliner was inspired by professional riders. This rider’s horse truck must be deployable in various areas, during international as well as during national competitions and must therefore have enough space for at least 6 horses. When designing this horse truck we took everything from the professional rider and his/her groom’s point of view into account. Their truck must be practical, efficient and easy to use. The looks are also important and the Profiliner has therefore, as you would expect from us, an eye-catching design.

The Profiliner is the ideal truck for every rider who is professionally

Horse area
The design of the horse area is according to the design requirements for long transport of livestock and the area in this Profiliner has enough space for seven horses. The horse area has been finished with high quality materials. The floor has been fitted with a reinforced rubber floor mat, which provides extra comfort for the horse. The front side has been fitted with a reinforced rubber wall and the side behind the horses has been fitted with a rubber wall with a 4 cm sound proofing foam layer behind it. Thus, the floor and the sides absorb the noise to increase the comfort for the horse and man. Moreover it decreases the chance of injuries.
In order to increase the workability in this area, design partitions are used. These partitions are composed of stainless steel and are cushioned. A hinge at the centre of the partition makes it easily foldable, which facilitates loading and unloading the horses via the side tailgates. The partition can also be shifted and all these aspects combined enable easy use of the partitions. The panels can also be fitted with special stallion partitions. These partitions make sure the horses’ heads do not come close to each other.
The partitions are fixed to a special rail system which is fixed to a rug rack. The rug rack is also fitted with a safety rack. Thus the rugs cannot fall from the rack when travelling. A bulkhead is mounted on the ceiling into which the LED lighting and ventilators have been built. Ventilation occurs naturally by means of the manual (or optionally, electrical) roof hatch, but airco fans are also present. Thus, it is possible to ventilate the horse area in all types of weather. The LED lighting has two settings, namely day time lighting and night time lighting. The daytime lighting is bright white and the night-time lighting is blue. The blue lighting enables the horses to maintain their daily rhythm when travelling at night. The horse area is separated from the living area by means of a sliding door.

The truck is fitted with a camera system for driving safety and for the safety of the horses. Three cameras provide a view of the horse area by means of the LCD monitor in the cabin, and one camera.

Our Profiliner is the perfect truck for riders who work professional with their horses.


The Profiliner is characterized by a comfortable living area in which several people can live comfortably. This horse truck is very easy to use with ample seats, a toilet, a shower and storage space. The living has a kitchenette and a seating area is very spacious because of the slide out extension. The flooring in the living area is of high quality and the sides are fitted with HPL panels. The ceiling is fitted with panels lined with artificial leather. The kitchenette is equipped with a composite work top and several drawers. The air conditioning unit has been built above the work top. In addition to this there is a high cupboard with an in-built fridge, microwave and electricity panel. The kitchenette also houses a lift system onto which the LED television is mounted. Thus, the television can be stored away in the kitchenette when not in use. The slide out extension provides space for a normal leather sofa and a number of upper cupboards. A loose table with a heavy foot is a set with the sofa, and can be moved easily when the extension is closed or opened. A central vacuum cleaning system has been built in under the sofa enabling easy cleaning.
A number of stools are an extra option with the sofa, creating more seating. The standard design of the living area has two very luxurious leather chairs on a swivel plate which have three point safety belts.  Thus, these chairs can be used by passengers when travelling, but when turned they serve as a seat in the living area. This way, the living area offers a lot of seating There is also an option for a tunnel sofa between the cabin and the extension.

At the top of the cabin is a large double bed which is adjustable in height electrically. Thus, the bed can be lowered before being used. The lighting in the ving area consists of LED spot
lights and indirect lighting via the furniture. The cabin is fitted with LED lighting for both day and night time.
The living area is separated from the hall by means of a wall. The wall has a sliding door. The hall is fitted with the same basic materials as the living area and there is a high cupboard for storage.

The bathroom is accessible from the hall by means of a lockable sliding door. The bathroom is equipped with a luxurious bathroom cabinet with a tap and a mirror above. In addition to the shower cubicle with a glass door, the bathroom is equipped with a porcelain toilet.

Bed above bathroom
There is a double bed here. This area can be enlarged by means of a so-called pop-up. This is a rising roof which creates space when slid up. Thus the livability of this area in.
There is an emergency escape hatch in the roof and the ceiling is also fitted with LED lighting.

The Profiliner is characterized by a comfortable living area in which several people can live comfortably. This horse truck is very easy to use with ample seats, a toilet, a shower and storage space.


The specifications of the Profiliner depend on the kind of horse trucks you would like. By the means of your wishes we can make your an offer and provided you with all the information about our trucks.

If you would like to receive more information or if you would like us to make an offer, please contact our sales department.

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