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  • Sport

    • Equipped for 2 horses
    • Available in 135HP and 180HP
    • Spacious tack room
    • Can be driven with a B driving license
    • Very well equipped
    • Possible to order as a stallionbox
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Parados Limousine; more space, same quality

As the name suggests, the Parados Limousine is longer than the Parados Sport. The Limousine’s double cab offers passengers significantly more comfort. An extended chassis ensures the horse section is just as spacious as that of the Sport model.

The Parados Limousine provides all the space required for people and horses. In spite of the extra length, the truck retains its ideal road-holding and handling characteristics. And, because appearance is important as well, the polyester skirts fitted at the base of the body and the raised polyester cab roof containing storage space ensure attractive styling.

The double cabin offers passengers a lot of space and comfort and offers a total of five seats. Optionally, the Parados Limousine can also be equipped with a sofa bed or extra cupboard space. This car is available as a 3.5t and 4t version, depending on your purpose of use.

Do you prefer a  Parados with a double cabin but with the length of a Parados Sport? Then take a look at our Parados Comfort.

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Standard Parados Limousine

  • Renault Master
  • 135 HP engine
  • All weather tires with alu rims
  • standard tack room, equipped with bridle hooks and saddle racks

Options Parados Limousine

Below you find the packages and our main options, which you can choose for your Parados. Selected packages and options can have both a negative and a positive effect on the load capacity of your Parados. To see the full options list including prices and weights, please contact our sales department.


  • Comfort Package
    • Camera system with one camera for reverse driving and one camera in the horse area
    • Soft under layer under the rubber floor in the horse area, for the traveling comfort of the horses
    • Stainless steel step at the back
    • Stainless steel guard bar for the ramp opening. This provides closure for the horses when the ramp is opened
  • Renault Upgrade Package: choice between 170 HP QS and 170 HP
    • Daytime running lights
    • Navigation
    • Radio (CD player, Bluetooth and steering wheel controls)
    • Driver’s Seat Comfort, with adjustable lumbar support
    • Passenger Bank with folding backrest, which can be used as table
    • Extra storage space in the cabin
    • Rain and light sensors
    • Fog lights
    • Air conditioning with climate control
    • Front Airbags
    • Cruise control and speed limit control

Options Chassis

  • Trailer hitch with 12 Volt 13-pole socket for 2500 kg
  • Passenger seat instead of passenger bench
  • Leather upholstery on driver’s seat and passenger bench (or seat)
  • Seat heating for driver’s seat and / or passenger bench (or seat)

Options box

  • Composite walls instead of aluminum wall components
  • Optional extra window in horse area
  • Designer windows in the horse area instead of standard windows
  • Spare springs (for larger load capacity; than driver must have a truck driving license)

Options horse area

  • Temperature Registration System
  • Cushions against the inside of the side wall
  • Kick cushions under the rear bar
  • Design partition with faux leather cushions
  • Stallion head partition, which can be turned
  • Stallion equipment: doors between horse area and tack room area, connecting door between the heads of the horses and one stallion partition part to put on the design partition
  • Storage space in the top of the cabin, closed with sliding doors

Options tack room

  • Roll down shutter for cupboards
  • Mirror
  • Hose reel with waterboy

Options double cabin area

The Parados Limousine has a small living area in the double cabin. The options of this double cabin are:

  • foldable chair attached to the back wall of the cabin
  • bench for 1,5 person
  • bench for 2 persons
  • bench for 2 persons with seatbelt
  • bench for 3 persons
  • high cupboards
  • kitchen with upper cupboard
  • small washbassin with watersystem
  • roller blind in front of the window
  • cooling drawer underneath the bench
  • semi traction battery 100Ah for the horse box with automatic charger and two sockets included
  • matras in topsleeper above cabin

For a full description of the standard equipment and all options for the car and the box of the Parados Limousine you can contact us, we are happy to make you an offer without any obligation.

All Parados models are fully equipped. Your horses have everything they need. Ensuring their comfort during travelling is a priority.

If you are traveling with stallions or young horses we have a special stallion packages.