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    • Available in 135HP and 180HP
    • Equipped for 2 horses
    • Spacious tack room
    • Can be driven with a B driving license
    • Very well equipped
    • Possible to order as a stallionbox



Sport; beautiful on the inside and on the outside!

The new Parados Sport looks amazing and drives just as good. This horse truck has a standard equipment with stainless steel partitions. By adding several options you can make the horse area of your Parados even more comfortable.

The new Parados model is even more user-friendly, safer and provides even more comfort. And the Parados is the largest of its kind! An important adjustment in the new Parados is the renewed partition on a rail system. This partition is even easier to use and has the biggest advantage that it can easily be moved towards the side wall by one person. Ideal for transporting a mare with foal! The standard Parados is now even more fully equipped with, for example, kick pads and a fully equipped tack room. Attention has been paid to the details, such as a mirror and step cork which are mounted on the rear door.

Comfort features for your horses

All Parados models are fully equipped. Your horses have everything they need. Ensuring their comfort during travelling is a priority. The insulated roof protects against high temperatures and cold. The fan allows air extraction. Your horse travels in total safety with features such as:

  • rubber floor mat with an anti-slip top coating and soft underlay
  • rubber ramp mat with anti-slip top coating
  • rubber mat with a noise-insulation foam layer, fitted to the rear wall
  • rubber mat fitted to the side walls
All the comfort you need

The horse area has been perfectly finished and contains all the necessary comforts. Roelofsen is known for its use of durable and beautiful materials. For example:

  • Stainless steel partition with aluminium boards and PVC mat underneath
  • Stainless steel chest bar with an emergency quick-release latch
  • Stainless steel restraining bar with rubber flap in the ramp opening next to the horse
  • Window with stainless steel bars
  • Stainless steel chains, covered with PVS and equipped with an emergency quick-release latch
  • Saddle and bridle bars protected by an aluminium partition

If you are traveling with stallions or youg horses we have a special stallion packages. A special partition board keeps the heads of the horses separated. This way, stallions can also travel quietly and safely in the Parados RR Limousine. The interior design of this car is especially intended for training and transport to and from competitions and daily use.


Special attention has been given to optimising the truck’s safety features. For example, in an emergency, the chest bar can be released quickly and easily by one person. In addition, the horses travel in near total silence in the Parados; the engine and noises from the outside are hardly audible.

Do you want more information about our models?

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Standard Parados Sport

  • Renault Master
  • 180 HP engine

The standard Parados is equipped with:

  • Anodised aluminium profiles
  • Sandwich floorconstruction (rubber coating underlay)
  • Streamlined roof spoilers
  • Side ramp (right side) with low entrance and rubber lining and a top hatch
  • Fully insulated roof panel
  • Door in the middle of the rear including half dropping window
  • Half dropping window on the left- and rightside, roof hatch and an electric roof fan for ventilation
  • Design rear wall with spoiler with LED lighting and third brakelight
  • Sidepanels covering the rear wheels
  • Tie ring in the outside wall

Horse section

  • Shock protection on the inner walls up to 1.30 meter
  • Aluminium partition
  • Sliding system for the partition
  • Kick cushions mounted under the sliding system
  • Stainless steel brestbar with emergency unlocking mechnism
  • Sliding doors to close the storage space in top of the cabin
  • Safety bar with transparant PVC in the opening of the side ramp
  • LED lighting (day- and nightlight)
  • Stainless steel chains with panic locks
  • Indoor height 2.38 meter

Luxurious tackroom with

  • 4 Bridle racks
  • 2 Saddle racks
  • Jacket hook
  • Storage bins
  • Step
  • Mirror


  • Coating of the entire box (standard white) is included.

Options Parados Sport

Below you find our main options, which you can choose for your Parados. Selected options can have both a negative and a positive effect on the load capacity of your Parados. To see the full options list including prices and weights, please contact our sales department.

Options Chassis

  • Renault Upgrade 180 HP QS
  • Passenger seat instead of passenger bench
  • Leather upholstery on driver’s seat and passenger bench (or seat)
  • Seat heating for driver’s seat and / or passenger bench (or seat)

Options box

  • Optional extra window in horse area
  • Designer windows in the horse area instead of standard windows
  • Spare springs (for larger load capacity; than driver must have a truck driving license)

Options horse area

  • Temperature Registration System
  • Cushions against the inside of the side wall
  • Design partition with faux leather cushions
  • Stallion head partition, which can be turned
  • Stallion equipment: doors between horse area and tack room area, connecting door between the heads of the horses and one stallion partition part to put on the design partition

Options tack room

  • Roll down shutter for cupboards
  • Hose reel with waterboy

For a full description of the standard equipment and all options for the car and the box of the Parados Sports you can contact us, we are happy to make you an offer without any obligation.

Because appearance is important as well, the Sport has a sportive look!

The horse area has been perfectly finished and contains all the necessary comforts. Roelofsen is known for its use of durable and beautiful materials.