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Roelofsen and sustainability

Sustainability can be interpreted in various ways, and that is also the case within Roelofsen Horse Trucks. From the production process to the final product and its lifespan, we strive for a sustainable way of doing business at every stage. The customer and their desires are central, and in these times, the demand for a good and sustainable product is more than natural.

Sustainable base materials

Our trucks are built using sustainable materials as much as possible. This is evident in the construction alone. The frames and exteriors of our trucks are largely made of stainless steel (RVS) and aluminum. Stainless steel provides our products with the solid foundation they need due to its strong and wear-resistant properties. It has a practically infinite lifespan and is also 100% recyclable. Aluminum is known for being one of the most sustainable building materials, not only because it is 95% recyclable. An important characteristic for us is its workability. Aluminum is well-suited for pre-processing, allowing for provisions such as drill holes and click systems to be made for assembly. This reduces the need for machining during construction. In this way, we try to keep the reduction of CO2 emissions in mind during production. The weight of aluminum also contributes to this goal. Due to its low weight, a large amount of aluminum can be transported at once, and we definitely take this into account in our procurement process.

Truck power supply

Many of our trucks have a living area in addition to the horse compartment. The living area is customized according to the customer’s preferences, and the range of sustainable materials for it is continuously growing. This can include recycled wall upholstery or eco-leather, for example. Naturally, these materials are of high quality, which also enhances their lifespan.

The trucks also require provisions to supply power to the necessary devices and lighting. This is usually done through shore power available at various events or the customers’ home locations. However, if this is not the case, it is important for the truck to switch to emergency power. Previously, we used diesel generators for this purpose, but for some time now, we have been incorporating lithium battery packs into our trucks. We have also started equipping the first trucks with solar panels to make the truck more self-sufficient.