Do you require temporary transportation for your horses? For instance to replace your current car or for some other reason. At Roelofsen you are in the right place for renting a car for two horses.
On request we also rent out larger horse trucks, with or without living. You can rent a truck for a day or a longer period.

Rates for the Parados:

Rental rice (excl. VAT)         Kilometers includes
1 day                           €125,-                                      100 km
1 week                        €550,-                                      500 km
1 month                      €1790,-                                    2000 km
3 maanden                 €1790,- (price per month)    2000 km per month
3 < 6 month               €1625,- (price per month)    2000 km per month
6 < 12 maanden        €1450,- (price per month)    2000 km per month

Included this rates:
– The number of kilometers included is free of charge, extra kilometers will be charged at a rate of €0.40 per kilometer excl. VAT
– Insurance
– Road Tax
– Repairs, maintenance and replacements of tires due to normal use
– Truck will be delivered clean and with a completely filled fuel tank. When returned the truck ought to be clean an completely filled with fuel as well.


Roelofsen is pleased to offer customers an additional service through funding opportunities.The purchase of a horse truck may go at the expense of your liquidity. Leasing is often a good solution, because you will pay an acceptable amount per month until the car is paid off.

Interested? Feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you more about the possibilities and make you a suitable offer.

More information about the possibilities?