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10 reasons to choose a Parados

10 reasons to choose a Parados

Posted on 18 September 2023

More and more people are driving in a Parados. What makes driving in this Roelofsen horsebox so comfortable? Read below for 10 advantages of transporting horses in a Parados!

1. Safety: Safety for both the horse and the driver is paramount! You often hear stories of overturned trailers or horses jumping out of a moving trailer. With a Parados, you don’t have to worry about this. The kick pads, the locking bar for the loading ramp, and the breast bar with panic release ensure the safest possible transportation of your horse. Our Parados naturally complies with EU Type approval 2007/46/EC.

2. Convenience: Driving with a trailer requires a heavy-duty vehicle, and you have to couple and decouple the trailer each time. With a Parados, it’s a matter of loading and driving away. Reversing is also easy with the help of a backup camera. Transporting a mare with a foal? No problem, the partition on a rail system is easily adjustable. Additionally, the Parados comes standard with ample storage space. From the tack room, you have access to the horse compartment, so you have everything at hand. Furthermore, the tack room is equipped with a mirror and a step stool.

3. Comfort: In addition to safety, traveling comfortably is important. Horses travel comfortably in the rear-facing direction, which makes them more stable. The Parados is also equipped with excellent ventilation and a cushioning rubber floor. But comfort for the driver is also considered, with various options available for a comfortable journey. Think of seat heating, automatic transmission, choice of seat upholstery, and a dual-camera system. Prefer a passenger seat instead of a bench? That’s also possible!

4. Longevity: Our Parados is made of durable and sturdy materials. You can rely on genuine Roelofsen quality thanks to years of experience and innovation. The Parados has a long lifespan, which ensures a higher resale value.

5. Reliability: The Parados is of high quality, with the horse compartment built from aluminum, making it resistant to impact. The horse compartment can also be equipped with a raised partition and a door between the horse’s heads. This allows you to transport a young horse or stallion with confidence.

6. Easy loading: Due to the low entry, long loading ramp, and high interior space, loading horses onto the truck is easier than a trailer. The locking bar serves as support during loading, so you don’t have to worry about your horse stepping next to the ramp. Now you can easily load your horse on your own, which can be a bit trickier with a trailer with a rear bar.

7. Transporting multiple horses: The Parados can be optionally equipped with a towbar. This allows you to attach a trailer, enabling you to transport multiple horses.

8. Time savings: With a trailer, the maximum speed is 90 km/h, but this restriction doesn’t apply to the Parados. Additionally, you save time because you don’t have to couple and decouple. Some people may also experience time savings when reversing with a Parados compared to a trailer due to the backup camera. Easy parking, indeed!

9. Appearance: In addition to practical advantages, aesthetics matter too. The Parados offers several options for a stunning appearance. Consider the Ford Raptor grille, a design window, custom graphics, and various color and paint options. Choosing rims is also possible.

10. Service: We are always here to assist with questions or service needs. We build our trucks entirely in Raalte (NL) and have all the expertise for repairs in-house. When you buy a Parados, you become a member of the Roelofsen Riders Club, which offers various benefits such as discounts, complimentary tickets to events, and interesting clinics or meetings.

Have you become interested? We offer various Parados models. If you prefer a sporty and compact model, take a look at our bestseller Parados, the Sport Renault, or Sport Ford. Need more than three seats? Check out our Parados Comfort or Parados Comfort XL. Or do you want more space in the tack room? Then the Parados Sport XL might be right for you.