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    • functionality and simplicity combined
    • 1100 kg loading capacity
    • new model

Roelofsen Trucks

Roelofsen Horse trucks developes customized transport solutions. From equestrian transportation and service trucks, to trucks for ice skating and motorports. From a second-hand to a brand new Renault, MAN, Volvo, Mercedes or Scania as a base, anything is possible. There is no request too special, specific or personal, we will create a transport solution that fits your situation.

If you are interested in a horse truck of Roelofsen we would like to sit down with you and together we take a look at the transport solution that suits your needs and which construction and layout meet your demands.
Based on your wishes and needs, we will draw an customized proposal, free of obligations. In this proposal we will draw out the different possibilities and options. If you agree to our suggestion, our skilled specialists will get to work to realize your horse truck or other transport solution.

The entire production of the truck takes place in our modern factory that is situated in Raalte. It is executed by our experienced bodywork builders, electricians, plumbers, interiour builders and furniture makers. Sustainable materials, modern techniques and a high level of finishing lay the foundation of our products and guarantee a high quality. You are most welcome to visit Roelofsen in Raalte and take a look at the construction of your truck.

During the construction we carry out continuous quality control. When a horse truck is largely completed, we handle the finish. You are assured of a high quality standard. Finally, we reserve a period for detailed checks and tests. After that your truck is ready for personal delivery, including explanation.

Sustainable materials, modern techniques, a perfect finish and skilled professionals guarantee a high level of quality.

Tailormade Transport Solutions. That is our core business. Roelofsen stands for creating specialized, customized transport solutions, in which our core values are quality, functionality, innovation and service.

Our customers are Revolutionary Riders. We develop customized transport solutions for them. With a truck from Roelofsen you are assured of passion, power and performance.

Whether it is a transport solution for the equestrian sport, the race & rally sport, a service truck or a facility truck; Many of the vehicles we build are tailord to the needs and situation of the customer. Each Roelofsen truck is unique. Furthermore Roelofsen is known for the high quality of the trucks.

Built with sustainable materials, using the latest techniques and with a perfect finish. Continuous innovation of our materials, techniques and products ensures that we can maintain our high quality standard. To guarantee this standard we employ motivated professionals with passion for their profession!

Roelofsen is also pleased to help you providing a used truck, trade in yourt current truck and with the repair or maintenance. The service level of Roelofsen is high. When the truck is ready, we personally deliver it to your door. Afterwards our after sales is happy to assist you, for maintenance and possible repairs. The warranty on your truck is wel regulated.