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    • Available in 135HP and 180HP
    • Equipped for 2 horses
    • Spacious tack room
    • Can be driven with a B driving license
    • Very well equipped
    • Possible to order as a stallionbox


Drives like a car!

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Our Parados is a transport concept for transporting your horses, developed by Roelofsen Raalte. The special feature of the car is, that you are authorized to drive it with a B license. Due to the low weight, the Parados has a favourable payload of 1100 kg. With this car you can transport your horses and meet all legal requirements. If you want safe and comfortable transport, this is the horse truck you need! Of course are our trucks have a EU- Type Approval 2007/46/EC.


The Parados is very suitable in combination with a trailer. This way you can transport up to 2500 kg. With this combination you can transport even more horses with a standard license!

The two basic models

The Parados is designed for two horses traveling backwards and standard equipped with:

  • side ramp with a very low entry
  • door in the rear panel
  • anti-slip rubber on the floor, rubber on the front panel
  • two windows that can be half lowered and a roof hatch that can be opened on four sides
  • aluminum partition with a pvc mat underneath
  • chest bar with chains and anti-panic system
  • chains with panic locks
  • lighting and ventilator in horse area
  • saddle and bridle bars
  • 2.40m innerheight
  • storage compartments, with lockable hatches above the cabin


Special focus is provided to optimal safety facilities in the Parados. For instance the chest bar is quick and easy to unlock in case of emergency. This is possible because the chest rod is provided with and anti-panic system. Moreover, in the Parados the horses travel remarkably quiet, there is virtually no engine or environmental noise.

The Parados offers all the luxury you can expect of a ‘Roelofsen car’. The interior is very complete. The sleek finish contains as many rounded profiles as possible. A modern climatecontrol that ensures a comfortable journey for driver and horses, an embedded navigation system and a radio with MP4 player provides the car with the comfort and safety that positions the truck in the highest segment of the horse transport. For many riders, the Parados is the best choice. Those who have experienced the comfort, safety and usability of the Parados, do not want to settle for less.


The Parados is designed to provide as much comfort as possible during a long drive. The Renault Master, which forms the base of the Parados, is standard fitted with many extras including remote central locking, immobiliser, power steering and a luxury passenger bench with two seats. Thanks to a comfortable and functionally equipped driver’s seat and a spacious and practically designed horse area, you and your horses travel as royalty.