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Horse trucks

RR4 Perfomance Line

More spacious than the RR3, with more comfort


The RR4 is a horse truck for riders who value comfort during events lasting several days.

The living of the Performance Line RR4 offers more comfort than the Sport Line RR3. Because of the more spacious living area the living of the RR4 Performance Line is very complete and contains equipment, like LED display screen, home cinema system with dvd- and cd-player and a design airco. Also this truck has a spacious kitchen with a separate shower and toilet area.

An extra comfortable sleeping place above the shower area brings the total amount of sleeping places to five or six. This area can be expand by a special pop-up roof.

In short, the RR4 is the perfect truck for riders who use the truck as living area during long international shows.

  • up to 7 horses
  • bathroom with shower, sink and toilet
  • extra sleeping area above bahtroom
  • clean water tank of 400L and waste water tank of 290L

The horses be arranged diagonally in the Performance Line. The horse section contains plenty of storage space for your saddles. A removable saddle rack is included for stable storage of four saddles. Various bridle bars are also provided.



This living is very complete and contains important equipment , like a fridge, a combination oven/microwave and a colour screen with remote control. In the living you live on a beautiful floor, available in various designs. Of course you can’t do without the separate shower and toilet area during events which last multiple days. The complete kitchen is practically laid out with a kitchen unit with drawers and overhead cupboards. Fridge and a combination oven/microwave come standard. All the convenience you need. The square sink is fitted with a mixer tap and glass cover. The truck is equipped with an electric warm water supply for your hot water needs.


You enter the living area of the RR4 Performance Line through a separate hall or entrance with a luxurious floor. The shower and toilet area can be accessed in this hall/entrance. This area also has the same luxurious floor. The shower cabin has a thermostatic tap and a sliding shower door. The luxurious bathroom furniture with washbasin is available in various types of wood or stone. The room has a porcelain flushing toilet. A roof ventilator removes damp air. Above the shower area are two comfortable sleeping berths.

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  • Durable rubber floor with a soft underlay.
  • Walls are finished with rubber.
  • Partitions made of stainless steel and aluminium with a transparent PVC mat underneath.
  •  The partitions are easy to adjust, every 10cm on the front and back.
  • Stainless steel blanket rack with a round butt bar.
  • Sliding windows at the front and rear of the horses with bars.
  • Electric fans for air extraction.
  • PL lighting in the horse section.
  • Safe, rubber-coated entry ramp with integrated horizontal slats. Sufficient grip in all types of weather.
  • Side panels for extra safety during (un)loading.
  • Restraining bar with a rubber flap on the tail and/or side ramp.
  • Stairs with anti-slip rubber that can be folded away.
  • Outer door for access to the living area and horse area.
  • Pivoting stainless steel tube with four saddle bars en bridle bars.
  • Caskets under loading floor for extra storage space.


Living area specifications

  • A leather upholstered, circular seating area, available in various colours. As well as a fixed table that is adjustable in height
  • Wall covering, available in a range of motifs.
  • Sliding and non-sliding windows with insect and sun block screens and window blinds.
  • Two high, built-in wardrobes with sufficient storage space.
  • Sleeping accommodation above the cab for two people.
  • LED spotlights and ceiling lamps for lighting the living area.

The RR4 truck is a horse truck for riders who value comfort during their stay at shows. Comfort means with us; a good living environment for your horse and for you, with everything you need.

The living area is equipped with sustainable materials and durable equipment. You will find everything you need.