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Sponsor of Jeroen Dubbeldam

Olympic and world champion Jeroen Dubbeldam is wearing the colors of Roelofsen Horse Trucks and will transport his top horses in a Roelofsen truck. Roelofsen is proud to be the main sponsor of Jeroen Dubbeldam!

Jeroen Dubbeldam has became in 2014 World Champion with the Dutch team and individualy. This was an amazing result! In 2015 the European Championships were in Aachen, Germany and the whole world was watching if Jeroen could live up to the expectations. And he did, he became European Champion with the team and individual as well. This makes him the only rider in the world who have won all the big, prestigious prizes such as Aachen, Calgary and of course Olympic gold in Sydney.

Jeroen’s way of work is similar to ours. The pursuit of perfection, give attention to all the details in order to achieve the best result possible. No good is not an option. Apart from that, Jeroen is a very nice person, easy to get along with, representative and communicative. An excellent ambassador for our products. I am very proud that we will have this partnership.

Dubbeldam is “very happy with it,” as he puts it. “I think that in the equestrian world we can help each other. I trusted the Roelofsen Horse Trucks for the transport of my horses for years now. We have made a good plan and it looks very promising. It’s not that I can not do my job as championship rider without a sponsor, but with a sponsor who supports you to do top sport, calm comes more easily. Sport is number one at my stables, but it is also a very expensive hobby. It means that you need to do too many things in addition to make sure that the whole financial picture fits. Consider training riders and buying and selling horses. That will still happen, but I do not have to put extra emphasis on it. I can now focus on the sport again, “says Jeroen Dubbeldam.