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  • Yorse

    • functionality and simplicity combined
    • 1100 kg loading capacity
    • new model



Service Roelofsen operates with the highest quality standards and the best materials. However, it may occur that an accident or technical malfunction occurs. It could also be that your vehicle is due for maintenance. The highly experienced service team at Roelofsen, consisting of 8 specialized service technicians, is ready for any challenge. They work in a service area equipped with all the necessary tools, allowing us to provide your vehicle with a skilled inspection and/or repair as quickly as possible.

We’re sorry to hear that your Roelofsen vehicle has been damaged. In the initial contact, our Customer Service representatives are ready to assist you in reporting and scheduling an appointment. If your vehicle has sustained damage, we kindly request a minimum of 5 clear photos. Two close-up photos where the damage is clearly visible and three photos from approximately 5 meters away to show the location of the damage. This way, our service technicians can assess the damage in advance and provide you with a quote. Please always mention if it involves claimable damage.

If your truck needs repairs, you will receive a quote in advance. This is to prevent unexpected costs. If additional repairs are necessary, we always consult with you before proceeding. This is how Roelofsen delivers personalized, tailor-made service. We aim for the shortest possible turnaround time so that you can get back on the road safely with your truck as soon as possible.

Do you have a question where you need assistance from our service team? We are happy to assist you by phone, WhatsApp, or email!

To report damage to your truck or Parados:
WhatsApp your photos to +31572 362 444
Email your photos to service@roelofsen.eu

If you have a technical issue with your truck or Parados:
Call +31 572 362 444
Email service@roelofsen.eu
WhatsApp +31 572 362 444

If you need to replace a part on your truck or Parados:
Call +31 572 362 444
Email parts@roelofsen.eu
WhatsApp +31 572 362 444