• Sport XL
  • Sport Renault
  • Sport Ford
  • Comfort XL
  • Comfort
  • Equon
  • RR1 Smart Line
  • RR3 Sportline
  • RR4 Perfomance Line
  • RR5 Exclusive Line
  • RR6 Top Class Line
  • RR7 Xtreme Line
  • Profiliner trailer
  • Living trailer
  • Horse trailer
  • Campers
  • Race & Rally
  • Servicetrucks
  • Sport XL

    • Built on a MAN TGE
    • Extra driving comfort
    • Extra large tack room
    • Eight-speed automatic
    • Very fully furnished
    • Available in 3.5t or 4t

Rental/ Lease

Do you require temporary transportation for your horses?  To replace your current car or for some other reason. At Roelofsen you are in the right place to rent a car for two horses.
On request we also rent out larger horse trucks, with or without living. You can rent a truck for a day or a longer period.

Rates for the Parados:

Rental rice (excl. VAT)         Kilometers includes
1 day                           €125,-                                      100 km
1 week                        €550,-                                      500 km
1 month                      €1790,-                                    2000 km
3 maanden                 €1790,- (price per month)    2000 km per month
3 < 6 month               €1625,- (price per month)    2000 km per month
6 < 12 maanden        €1450,- (price per month)    2000 km per month

Included this rates:
– The number of kilometers included is free of charge, extra kilometers will be charged at a rate of €0.40 per kilometer excl. VAT
– Insurance
– Road Tax
– Repairs, maintenance and replacements of tires due to normal use
– Truck will be delivered clean and with a completely filled fuel tank. When returned the truck ought to be clean an completely filled with fuel as well.