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    • Equipped for 2 horses
    • Available in 180HP
    • Spacious tack room
    • Can be driven with a B driving license
    • Very well equipped
    • Possible to order as a stallionbox

Tack trunks

Roelofsen has made quite a name in the international equestrian world as a manufacturer and supplier of horse transport solutions.
Our knowledge of the equestrian world not only ensures that our horse trucks meet all requirements of horse and rider; we also know what is happening within the sport and the customer demand. That is why Roelofsen supplies a variety of equipment and accessories that help make traveling in your truck even more enjoyable.

Our mobile tack lockers are an example of these supplies. Other examples include skylights and ventilators.

Profiliner Trunk
The Profiliner model is equipped with 2 saddle racks, 4 drawers, a large number of bridle hooks and a safe which can be locked with a code.
The saddle box is equipped with lighting by means of a motion sensor, a mirror and a charging point for mobile phones. This saddle box can be used with a special lifting device, with which several Roelofsen trucks are equipped. Of course, this saddle box can also be used separately.
Measurements: LxWxH: 1380 x 640 x 1600 mm


Parados Trunk
The Parados trunk is a nice compact trunk equipped with 1 saddle rack, a baskets and 3 bridle hooks. This trunk has also got a special storage compartment on top of the trunk. You can lock the trunk with a key.
The trunk fits perfectly in the tack room of the Parados Sport and has 2 wheels to move it easily.
Measurement LxWxH: 680 x 680 x 1350 mm

For more information about our tack trunks please contact our sales managers or our services department. They can tell you more about our tack trunks.