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New mobile radio truck for NOS NTR

New mobile radio truck for NOS NTR

Posted on 11 July 2018

We are very honored that we could build the studio truck for the NTR NOS (Dutch television and radio channel). This car will be used for the radio programs ‘Nieuws & Co’ and ‘Kwesties’ and is a striking appearance!

This project was something different than a horse car, in which other matters are important, such as the acoustics. But we are not turning our hand around this either, since we have already built mobile workspaces for y example the NAM.

Paul Roelofsen delivered the car in Hilversum where he gave an explanation to the NTR team and handed the keys to Janneke Bieseman and Friso van Kats.
We wish the entire team a lot of work pleasure in the studio truck!