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RR6 horsetruck styled according the trends of 2020

RR6 horsetruck styled according the trends of 2020

Posted on 05 November 2020

The great thing about the concept of Roelofsen Horse Trucks from Raalte is that the horse truck can be customized entirely according to your own wishes.
Designing starts with looking at the customer’s wishes, such as how many horses should be transported and how big the living room should be.
For this we have developed blueprints for six different types of horse trucks. The RR1 is a car that is ideal for horse transport companies and the RR7 is our most luxurious version with a living room that extends on two sides.


Once the model has been chosen, the layout is carefully considered. How much cupboard space in the living room does the customer want, two, three or four seats in the cabin, the choice of partitions in the horse area, there are many decisions to be made! And then the spray color must also be determined and the design of the living room. The customer has a free hand in this, there is a wide choice of leathers, curtains, floor coverings and cabinet fronts. In short, the car can be completely customized.

RR6 Horse Car

Our most sold model horse truck is the RR6. This car offers space for six horses and has a spacious living room with a slide-out box. We styled this car entirely according to the trends of 2020, with black details in the kitchen, shower and handles. The marble look is also very hot at the moment, so it is clearly reflected in the horse truck.

Watch the video below of our luxurious RR6 horse truck.