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Britt Dekker

You may recognise Britt Dekker for her captivating TV appearances or her roles in movies. However, beyond the glitz and glamour of the entertainment world, there exists an equally profound passion in her life – horses. In addition to her remarkable achievements in the entertainment industry, Britt is a highly accomplished dressage rider who has not only competed at the highest national levels but also on the international stage. This deep-seated passion for horses has also found expression in the form of literature, with Britt taking on the role of author for the beloved horse-themed saga ‘Britt & Esra’.

To suggest that her love for horses took root at an early age would be an understatement. In fact, one could argue that Britt was destined to be a rider even before she came to this world. “My mother was riding horses while I was still in her womb,” Britt reveals, and from that point on, her connection with horses only grew stronger. “It came as no surprise that one of my very first words was ‘paardrijden,'” she proudly recalls, emphasising that the word means horseback riding in Dutch.

While Britt’s fascination with horses ignited from an early age, it wasn’t until she turned nine that she enrolled in a riding school. It was only later, when Britt ventured into the world of television, that she had the opportunity to purchase her very first horse, a stunning mare named Eve. Originally trained as a show jumper, Britt embarked on a journey to transform Eve into a skilled dressage horse. “Jumping is super cool, but I’m quite a fearful rider. So, I’m fine with all four legs on the ground, and that’s exciting enough for me.” This dedication led them to compete in various classes, “Now we’ve conquered all the classes with her, even reaching the Dutch championships, which is a remarkable achievement.” and adds Britt proudly. 

The best of both worlds

When we ask her about the role that horse riding plays in her life she states, “Horseback riding is not just a sport, but it’s really a ‘way of life’, like a sort of virus that never goes away.” 

For committed riders such as Britt, striking a balance between their daily work commitments and their equestrian passion can be challenging. Nevertheless, Britt considers herself fortunate, as she occasionally has the opportunity to merge her two worlds, as exemplified in her role in ‘Silverstar,’ where she had the privilege of performing alongside her cherished companion, George, on set.

Although this is only an exception, it’s no secret that horse riding demands a considerable amount of dedication and time. When discussing how she manages to harmonise both aspects of her life, Britt reveals her winning formula: “I typically carve out half-days to accommodate riding, often extending well into the evening. It’s like putting together a puzzle, and it’s a new challenge every month.”

Though this might sound like a demanding schedule to many, for Britt, it’s the very foundation of her peace and a source of anticipation for the future. “My horses are genuinely my companions; they allow me to clear my mind after a hectic workday and provide the mental space I need to be creative in my profession once more.”Of course, this life balance comes with challenges, and for Britt is predominantly a matter of time “The most demanding aspect is constantly feeling like I have about four hours less in a day. As time is something you can never get back, it’s important to manage it effectively.” she affirms.

Her Horses 

Britt has developed a strong bond with all her horses. Currently, she counts on the support of three beautiful horses, her long-lasting partner Eve, and her latest additions George and Johnny with whom she still competes. 

“I saw George on a video once, and I thought he was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen. I always thought if I could have such a horse, it would be a dream come true.”A year ago, something similar happened with her latest addition, Johnny, with whom she immediately felt for “Since I saw him, I couldn’t think of anything else, it was an instant match”.

Britt’s competitive side

These days, Britt is actively involved in competitions, and doing very well. Recently making it to the finals of the Dutch Championship and a golden medal at the Iberion Horse European Championships in Paris. When we ask her about her competitive side she states: “I’m not a very focused or structured person, but when I’m going to compete, I’m very serious.” Trained by Tineke Bartels, four-time Olympian and twice silver medallist, Britt continues to learn every day. “Tineke would say I can learn very well” she comments “but of course, I still have a lot to learn, although what I learn, I can remember well,” she adds

The young Dutch rider also finds great inspiration in her trainer “She is my role model. She is like the Johan Cruijff of horse riding. At 72 years old, she’s still riding and training horses for the Olympic Games, and that inspires me a lot. I hope I still have so much fun at that age.”

In order to achieve high scores and win competitions it’s important to handle the pressure and keep the focus, Britt knows this well although she knows her weak spot “When I’ve achieved a goal, like competing at the Dutch championship, I really wanted to make it to the final. Then I make it to the final, and I’m already super satisfied that I achieved that. After that, I will be less ‘sharp’ or focused because I’m already happy that I made it. Nevertheless, when you’re less sharp, you make mistakes,” Britt confesses.

To be well-prepared for competitions, Britt relies on her Roelofsen’s horse truck. The truck meets all her standards as they are manufactured by Roelfosen to be higher than average trucks and extra spacious, providing her horses with plenty of room to move and allow for ultimate comfort. 

As the truck offers enough space for all the crates of equipment Britt needs, so her truck always looks organised. According to Britt, Roelofsen trucks meet all her requirements “You can tell this is the strongest brand, and you’re truly buying quality.” In terms of design she was also happy to move from her old pink parados to a more unnoticed but unique colour “I had a pink truck for about 6 years. So, I thought, I’ll go for something a bit grey now. I liked the colour of a Porsche chalk, and they made it completely like that. I love it.” Britt confesses although she is happy to try new colours “I also like a kind of matte green for something in the future.”

Upcoming steps and goals

For the foreseeable future, great personal momentums are coming Britt’s way as she got recently engaged to her 10-year-long partner Max Apotowski.